Reduce Transportation Cost with Slip Sheets

Photo showing that Fibre-Pul slipsheets from Marvatex reduce transportation costs because they take up less space than wooden pallets

150 Slip Sheets vs. ONE Wooden Pallet

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex reduce transportation costs. A typical fiber board slip sheet is .040” thick. Wooden pallets are six to eight inches thick. Therefore, you can store 150 slip sheets in the same space as one wooden pallet. This will allow you to put more product in each trailer thus reducing your transportation costs.

If your product shipments weigh out before they cube out slip sheets will also reduce your transportation costs. This is because a slipsheet weighs approximately two pounds compared to a wooden pallet which weighs approximately sixty pounds. For example, if you use 26 wooden pallets to fill a truck with your product that is 1,560 pounds of pallets. 26 slip sheets would weigh 52 pounds. Therefore, by substituting slip sheets for wooden pallets in this example you would be able to ship more than 1,500 pounds of your product in each truck.

Reduce Transportation Cost with Slip Sheets
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