Skid Resistant / Anti Slip Pallet Paper: Common Uses

As with so many shipping and warehouse products, anti-slip pallet paper is known by several names, including anti-skid paper, skid resistant paper, and nonslip paper.  The anti-slip paper gives cohesiveness to the load before stretch wrap is applied as well as after the stretch film is removed.  This is especially useful in warehouse type club stores where products are sold directly from the shipping pallets. We also find anti-slip paper to be effective in keeping loads together when boxes have a varnished or highly printed surface.  Anti-slip paper can be particularly useful in keeping lightweight boxes in place before being stretch wrapped and while in transit. 

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Anti slip paper in column stack pallets

Marvatex anti skid paper gives cohesion to column stacked loads.

Non-skid Paper in Warehouse / Club Stores

Most Club Stores require that product is column stacked so the product label is oriented to the public.

Column stacking can make a load less stable. Adding non-skid paper between layers of product will help to keep the product in place.

Benefits for Highly Varnished or Printed Boxes

These types of boxes have slick surfaces which can be problematic when shipping.

Using a non-skid sheet between layers of product will keep the boxes from sliding out of place.

anti skid pic (protein drink)

Marvatex Non Slip paper prevents slippage of highly varnished and/or heavily printed cases, cans, cartons, or bags.

Marvatex Non Slip Paper between cheerio boxes

Marvatex Non Slip paper keeps light weight products from shifting.

Anti Slip Paper with Light Weight Products

Non-skid paper is often used on the top few tiers of a unitized load when shipping light weight product/boxes.

Without having any weight to keep the boxes in place the non-skid paper acts as an anchor holding the boxes in place.

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