Anti Slip Pallet Paper FAQ

Marvatex Anti Skid paper feeds with automatic dispensers.

Marvatex Anti Skid paper feeds with automatic dispensers.

Yes, our Texcoat anti slip paper sheets are non- porous and designed for use with automatic dispensers.

Marvatex stocks 37” x 45” sheet size so that the sheet does not overhang the edge of the standard 40” x 48” pallet.

We stock size 37”x45” non slip sheets so that they are available for immediate shipment. Other sizes are available but they are made to order and have a longer lead time and higher minimum quantities.

Yes, non skid paper is available in small diameter counter rolls as well as large diameter jumbo rolls.

Yes, anti slip pallet paper is available in less than full pallet quantities. There is a special handling charge to break into a full skid.

Yes, our Texcoat non slip paper also works as a moisture barrier between the pallet and the first layer of product.

There is a laboratory instrument that measures the degree of angle that corrugated will begin to slide. Our non slip paper will prevent the corrugated from sliding until it reaches a 35 degree angle.

Yes, our non skid paper is suitable for non direct food contact.

The anti slip properties degrade after the initial use. It is not recommended to reuse our anti slip paper.

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Our anti slip paper is recyclable.

Yes, our anti slip paper is re-pulpable.

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