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We sell solid fibre slip sheets as well as plastic slip sheets. We design and make our slip sheets to the proper size and thickness for your specific requirements.

What Are Solid Fiber Slip Sheets?

Solid fiber slip sheets are plies of virgin kraft linerboard laminated together to produce a slip sheet. The slip sheet is a platform to convey boxed or bagged products.

What Makes Solid Fiber Slip Sheets So Strong?

Since a slip sheet is to pull a certain amount of weight across platens of a fork lift, the strength of the slip sheet lip is critical. If the lip is not strong enough to pull the weight on the slip sheet it will tear, rendering it useless. Marvatex slip sheets are made with virgin kraft, implying the paper is made directly from wood pulp which is long and strong because they have never been recycled. Virgin kraft linerboard has significantly greater tensile strength than recycled grades of paperboard. This is why it is used in the manufacture of solid fiber slip sheets.

The strength of the slip sheet is measured using an instrument that pulls a 1” strip of the paper until it breaks. The pounds per inch of pressure it takes to pull the strip apart is the tensile strength. When a slip sheet is being made on the paper machine it develops a machine grain direction and a cross machine direction. The tensile strength running in the machine grain direction is about double the tensile strength in the cross machine direction. Because of this, the lip of the slip sheet that is pulled most frequently should be in the machine grain direction.

The Slip Sheet Manufacturing Process

We take rolls of virgin kraft linerboard and convert them into slip sheets on our state of the art laminator which is about the length of a football field. The rolls are positioned on one end of our laminator and pulled through the machine. A water resistant adhesive is applied between the plies of linerboard. We use a water resistant adhesive so that the finished product will not delaminate in high humidity conditions.

After the adhesive is applied the web of paper is run through compressor rollers to press the plies together. Next, the rotary die cutter stamps slip sheets from the web of laminated paperboard and imparts scores, corner cuts, and round corners. The final part of our manufacturing process takes the finished slip sheet product and automatically stacks the slip sheets on pallets.

Environmental Aspects of Solid Fiber Slip sheets

Solid fiber is much more environmentally friendly than wooden pallets. Once wooden pallets have exceeded their usefulness they are normally disposed of in a land fill. For this reason, some countries particularly in Europe attempt to limit or prohibit the use of wooden pallets.

Solid fiber slip sheets can be re- pulped. Once they have served their purpose they can be sold to waste paper dealers who in turn sell the used sheets to paper mills where the paper is broken down, the cellulose fibers are recovered, and used to manufacture more paper.

In recent years there has been a great demand for various grades of waste paper particularly from China. The Chinese have built numerous paper mills that require this waste paper as raw material for the paper products they produce. This demand has significantly increased waste paper prices.

Plastic Slip Sheets

Plastic slip sheets are recommended when excess moisture comes in contact with the slip sheet. Examples of where plastic slip sheets are necessary would be when product is stored out doors or in cases where the shipping docks are hosed down regularly.

The sheets are extruded from high density polyethylene. They are black in color and have a friction embossing on one side of the sheet to prevent product from shifting off of the slip sheet. They are more durable than fiber slip sheets and can be washed off and reused. They are also more expensive than solid fiber slip sheets.

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