Anti Skid Sheets In Stock For Purchase

Anti Slip Pallet Paper Shipped the Next Day

Call us at 513-891-6460 to order anti-slip paper. Marvatex can also be reached via email by using our contact form. The unique properties of Marvatex’s anti-slip paper locks multiple tiers of product together to construct a rock-solid unitized load.

Non-Slip Paper Prevents Slippage

This Anti Slip Paper is designed to prevent slippage of cases, cartons, and bags up to a 35-degree slide angle. It is non-adhesive and non-porous meaning that it will easily feed through automatic dispensers with no double feeding. It is also 100% recyclable.

We stock the most common size 37” X 45” in our warehouse for immediate shipment. Chipboard sheets are also available for less demanding applications. See divider sheets in our other products section.

What Is Anti Slip Paper?

Anti Slip Paper is also known as Non Slip Paper, Skid Resistant Paper, Non Skid Paper, and Anti-Skid Paper. Our Anti Slip Paper locks multiple tiers of product together to construct a rock solid unitized load. It prevents products from shifting in transit and lends stability to products on display.

Anti Slip Paper is widely used for shipments into warehouse club stores because it gives cohesiveness to products once the stretch film is removed and sold directly from the shipping pallet. It is also used when shipping cartons with a slick finish such as a varnish or gloss coating.

Other sizes and grades as well as counter rolls are also available although they are not stocked. Uncoated sheets are available as well for less demanding applications. See Divider Sheets in our other products section.

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