Dunnage Air Bags

Do You Have Questions About Dunnage Air Bags?

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What are Dunnage Air Bags For?

Dunnage air bags are designed to prevent shifting of your product as it is transported by truck or rail car to its’ destination. Your customer will receive your products in the same condition you shipped them.

How are Dunnage Air Bags Made?

Air bags are made from plies of high strength paper encapsulating a polyethelene bladder. You add compressed air to inflate the bags to fill the void and lock your product in place by compressing it against the walls of the trailer.

The air bags come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses or plies. The size that you use would be determined by the height and width of your unitized load. The number of plies would be determined by whether you are shipping by truck, rail, or overseas container.

Polywoven air bags are also available as an alternative to paperboard air bags. Your Marvatex sales representative can recommend an air bag for your specific requirement.