Do You Have Questions About Corner Board?

Marvatex can answer all your questions about Corner Boards. Call us today at 513-891-6460 or email us here. We have corner board that prevents damage to your products during shipping.

Corner Posts Prevent Damage

Our corner posts prevent damage to the corners of your unitized load and impart vertical stability. They are also used as a cushion between your strapping and product. The corner posts are produced to your specific length and width. They can be color coded or printed in order that they may be easily identified if you use various lengths or thicknesses. Company names, logos and advertisements can also be printed on the corner posts.

Edge Protectors Made To Your Specifications

Edge protectors are manufactured by laminating multiple plies of high strength paperboard. Thicknesses range from .080” to .300” depending on your requirements. Your Marvatex sales representative can recommend a grade and size suitable for your application.