Poly Coated Paperboard

Marvatex Is Your Source For Poly Coated Paperboard

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We extrude polyethylene onto various grades of paperboard. The poly coated paperboard can then be sheeted or laminated to make a thicker product. It is available in both rolls and sheets.

Poly Coated Board Can Be Used Instead Of Plastic

Our poly coated board is used as a substitute for plastic in some instances. It has a variety of applications but is most commonly used as a moisture and grease barrier for pallet pads and bulk palletizing tier sheets.

Poly Coated Paperboard Is Used In The Military

The military uses sheets of poly coated laminated solid fiber as a water resistant cushioning pad. This pad is primarily used as a filler in ammunition containers. It will meet the forty-eight hour water immersion test required to meet military specification MIL-PRF-50449.