Cost Saving Benefits of Slip Sheets vs. Pallets

Acquisition Cost Logo

Acquisition Cost

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex Inc. reduce acquisition costs. Solid fiber slip sheets cost approximately $1.00 each depending on the size, thickness, and ordering quantity. A wooden pallet will cost between $6.00 and $12.00 each. Therefore, solid fiber slip sheets are six to twelve times less costly than wooden pallets.

Transportation Cost Logo

Transportation Cost

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex reduce transportation costs. 100+ slip sheets fit in the space of 1 pallet. A slip sheet weighs approximately two pounds. A wooden pallet weighs approximately sixty pounds!

Labor Cost Logo

Labor Cost

If you load your trailers by hand (floor loading) the use of slip sheets will drastically reduce your labor costs by automating the loading function. It will take 3 men 6 hours to floor load a trailer. This is a total of 18 man hours. In comparison, it will take 1 man ½ hour to load a trailer using slip sheets. This is a savings of 17 ½ man hours per trailer.

Storage Cost Logo

Storage Cost

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex will free up warehouse space. 150 slip sheets will fit in the same space as one wooden pallet.

Admin Cost Logo

Administrative Cost

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex will reduce administrative costs. A slip sheet is disposable and serves the purpose of transporting one unitized load to its destination. This eliminates the headache of tracking your wooden pallets, arguing with customers over disappearing pallets, and paying to return and repair used pallets.

Injury Logo

Worker Injuries

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex help reduce worker injuries. Slip sheets ensure a safer work environment by avoiding needless injuries due to lifting heavy wooden pallets. Wooden pallets often have protruding nails and splinters that cause injuries.

Pests Logo

Insect & Rodent Problems

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex help eliminate rodent and insect infestation. Wooden pallets offer a home to insects and rodents. Slip sheets afford no such food or shelter to pests and critters.

Environmental Logo

Environmentally Friendly

Fibre-Pul slip sheets from Marvatex are environmentally friendly. Slip sheets are manufactured from paperboard, a renewable resource. Slip sheets are fully recyclable through common wastepaper outlets and have a monetary wastepaper value. Slip sheets do not fill up landfills and meet export pallet platform restrictions.

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